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Private Virtual Somm Experience FAQ


I Don’t Know Anything About Wine – Is This Experience for Me?

YES! Vanessa is a knowledgeable certified sommelier who is able to share key wine information in a fun, interesting and useful way. She can gear each class towards the groups general wine level and help you feel more confident the next time you’re tasting or buying wine.

I’m a Wine Connoisseur and have a Cellar Full of First Growths – Is This Experience for Me?

Absolutely. Vanessa can dive deeper into the nuances of each wine, refresh you on how to properly taste & experience wines and educate you on the quality and variety of the Paso Robles region specifically.

Is Wine Included in the Cost of the Virtual Tasting?

No, wine is not included with the virtual tasting.

We want you to be able to select the wines that you enjoy, or pick-up new wines that you are most interested in.

You can use wines you already have on hand, pick some new ones out at the store or select wines from our sommelier curated list of Paso Robles wines.

How Do I Know What Wines to Buy?

Upon confirmation of your experience, we will send you our Sommelier Curated List of Paso Robles Wines.

You can select three wines from this list to purchase directly at the store.

You’re also welcome to select Paso Robles wines not on this list!

Just be sure to email Vanessa once you have your wines selected so that she can prepare for the experience!

I Already Have Lots of Paso Robles Wine On-Hand, Can I Use That?

Definitely! Try to select three different styles of wine (so not all Cabernet Sauvignon, for example), and email Vanessa to let her know what you will be tasting.

How Much Is the Wine Going to Cost?

That entirely depends on which wines you choose to enjoy during your tasting. Our Sommelier curated list of Recommended Paso Robles wines has a variety of options at all price points.

You can also select wines that fall within your budget while you’re shopping for your wines.

We’re happy to help! So let us know if you have any questions about which wines to choose.

Do I Have to Use Wine from Paso Robles?

No! While this experience is intended to educate and excite you about the Paso Robles region and its wines, it can be geared towards any wine region or even style of wines.

Get in touch if you have something specific in mind.

How Many People Can We have in One Virtual Tasting?

You can have up to 5 groups for a fixed price of $100, and 6 – 10 groups for a fixed price of $125.

How many people are in each group is up to you, though we don’t recommend having more than 2 – 3 guests per group.

Any more than this and it becomes difficult to stay focused and follow along with the experience.

Can I Do This Experience Solo?

Definitely. Vanessa is easy going and unpretentious, so you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable and have fun tasting and learning about wine.

Does Every Group Need to Have the Same Wines?


If each group can’t find the exact same brands to enjoy together, then we recommend at least making sure everyone is tasting the same kinds of wines.

What Will I Need to Prepare for My Virtual Somm Experience?

At least one wine glass per person. Three bottles of Paso Robles Wine.

Reliable Internet Connection with access to Zoom.

This experience is best enjoyed from a computer, though you are welcome to join from your mobile device if you prefer.

Optional: Wine Preserver to help keep the bottles fresh after tasting. Notepad to take notes!

What Do I Do With the Wine After the Tasting?

You will have to open three bottles of wine to enjoy the tasting, and what you choose to do with the wine afterwards is up to you!

If you like it, go on and keep enjoying it!

If you like them all, but don’t want to finish three bottles, we recommend picking up a wine preserver before the start of the class. Something with Argon gas as that will keep the wine fresher for longer (you still only have a couple days to enjoy those wines!)

We recommend one of the following:
ArT Wine Preserver or Private Preserve Wine Preservation System.

Can I do Both the Virtual Somm Experience and an In-Person Paso Robles Wine Tour?

Absolutely! We think these experiences are best when booked together.

We recommend enjoying your Virtual Somm Experience before your Private Paso Robles Wine Tour so you’re prepared to make the most out of your tasting experiences during your time in Paso Robles.

Plus, you’ll get $35 OFF when you book both. Cheers!

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