Weekday Tours or Weekend Tours in Paso Robles

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Which day is best for you to take a wine tour in Paso?

When it comes to wine tours you don’t have to wait for the weekend to have a great time! Weekday wine tours in Paso Robles are just as great of an experience as a weekend wine tour – maybe even better, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re planning a trip to Paso Robles and trying to decide whether you want to do a weekend wine tour or plan something during the week, check out the blog post below to find out whether a weekday or a weekend wine tour is the best fit for you.

Pro and Con list of when to go on a wine tour

Doing a Paso Robles Wine Tour on the Weekend:

Saturdays are by far the busiest day to do a weekend tour in Paso Robles. This can sound great, since all the wineries will be livelier and may have some extra activities going on, like live music. But it can also mean it’s very crowded everywhere, service is slower and each stop can take more time, and you may have trouble getting reservations at your preferred wineries. In fact, many wineries won’t even host groups on Saturdays because of how busy it can be.


Wineries are also stricter on their reservation times, so if you’re at a winery that is taking longer than expected, you may lose your reservation at the next place because you’re running behind – making the day a little stressful. Additionally, hotel rooms, vacation rentals, and wine tours are usually higher priced on Saturdays than other days of the week. However, if you’re looking to visit fewer places, hang out at a winery for a little longer, enjoy live music, or prefer to enjoy wine by the bottle or by the glass, then weekend tours can be great times to visit! Just be prepared to go with the flow.

Doing a Paso Robles Wine Tour on a Weekday:

There are many advantages to visiting Paso Robles on a weekday. In fact, many of these advantages apply towards doing a wine tour on a Friday or Sunday even! Since it’s not as busy at wineries on days other than Saturday, it can be easier to get a reservation at your preferred wineries. They may even be able to take your larger group! Additionally, the wineries may have more time for your group and you’ll enjoy a more personalized experience. Sometimes, the winery may even have time to give you an extra pour (or two) or give an impromptu walk-around the property – which usually isn’t possible on a Saturday.

You can often visit more stops in the day since tastings can move a little faster (without feeling rushed) since the winery has more time for your group. You’ll also save money since the wine tours and hotels will have lower rates on days other than Saturdays – giving you more money to spend on wine! The only disadvantage to visiting mid-week is that some wineries are closed on weekdays – so if there’s a specific winery you have your heart set on, check their opening days in advance.

Keep in mind, some wineries may open mid-week by appointment, so it’s always worth asking! Also, most wineries are open Fridays & Sundays, so if you can do the tour on either one of those days – you still get many of the advantages of doing a weekday tour!

Tailoring Your Paso Robles Wine Tour: Which Day is Right for You?

If you can be flexible with the day you do your Paso wine tour, there can be many advantages to going on any day other than Saturday. However, we understand that every group is looking for something different! We recommend reaching out to our experienced team to chat about your specific group and what you’re looking for in terms of wine styles, experiences, ambiance, and more. We can make recommendations for which day could be the best fit for you, and once you book your Paso wine tour, will even help with making all the reservations so that you’re sure to get the best wine tour for you – no matter what day you decide to do your wine tour!


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