Tin City is Paso Robles’ Hub for Innovative Wines and So Much More

It’s no longer a secret that Paso Robles is a world-class destination for great wine, food, beer and so much more, but this tiny cowboy town still seems to have plenty of surprises up its sleeve. Enter Tin City – an unexpected diamond in the rough hidden away in an industrial complex just south of the City of Paso Robles off of Ramada Drive.

Currently home to more than a dozen wineries, this is the place where passionate, small-production local winemakers come to focus their time, expertise and energy on making high-quality, small lot wines. It’s an environment where they’re uninhibited and are able to let their creative juices flow – literally!

As a result, they’ve ended up making some of the most noteworthy wines available, and have added an entirely new tasting experience to the Paso Robles’ offerings. Here you’ll be able to stand in their active boutique winery / tasting room, sip wine and chat intimately with the winemakers themselves, while learning about the stories and passions behind each delicious, unique bottle.

However, it’s not just wineries that have made Tin City their home. The industrial warehouse community houses the notorious craft brewery, BarrelHouse Brewing Company, with its spacious beer garden and entertaining live music, as well as a cider house,  soon to be two distilleries, an ice cream shop, a restaurant on the way, and new offerings being added all the time.

With all of these options, visitors are guaranteed to have their bibulous desires fulfilled.

Because of the plethora of top-notch options offered at Tin City, Toast Tours finishes every Toast Together tour here – giving our guests the option to visit any number of innovative and intimate tasting rooms and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

We look forward to Toasting with you soon!


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