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Why is this tour available for a limited time?

We have developed this tour in response to the COVID19 pandemic to replace our public shared group wine tasting tour as a way to offer our guests a convenient, safe and quality private wine tasting tour in Paso Robles wine country.

Once we feel it is safe to do so, we are planning on reinstating our public tour offerings and will discontinue these private tours.

If you have already booked a private Paso Robles wine tasting tour for a future date when we are offering public tours again, we will still honor your private tour reservation.

What extra steps have you taken to make this tour safer?

While we have not been affected by the COVID19 pandemic on a local level, we continue to take the necessary precautions to keep our guests and our staff as safe as possible.

Cleanliness has always been a priority for our guides and our vehicles, however, here are some of the extra precautions we are taking:

  • Enhanced cleaning regimen before, during and after each tour
  • We are utilizing hospital grade UV light to sanitize seats and surfaces before each tour
  • We are utilizing EPA approved Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 for all vehicle cleaning during and after the tour
  • Guides will wipe down all high-contact areas every time passengers exit the vehicle
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on every tour, and each vehicle will be stocked with extra wipes and disinfectant sprays
  • Guides will have their temperature checked before each tour, and are required get their shift covered if they’re not feeling 100%
  • We are offering a generous cancellation policy so that if guests are feeling unwell, they can easily cancel or re-schedule their tour

Our guest’s safety is our number one priority! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text us at 805-400-3141.

Do I Need to Wear a Mask?

We are not requiring guests to wear a face mask on the tour vehicle.

However, most wineries are requiring guests to wear masks when entering and exiting the winery, as well as when visiting common areas such as restrooms.

You are responsible for bringing your own face mask.

Additionally, your tour guide/driver will not wear a a face mask while driving the vehicle due to the distance between the driver & guests, and so guests can hear their guide more easily.

Guides will have masks available to wear if the group prefers them to have it on during the tour. Please be sure to ask if this is the case.

Which wineries will we visit?

There is no set schedule of wineries and we are happy to work with you to customize your itinerary specifically for your group.

If you want us to plan your perfect day in wine country on your behalf, we like to customize each tour to take advantage of the best winery experiences available on that day.

Typically, our tours visit boutique, small production wineries on Paso Robles west side.

When possible, we like to incorporate the wine styles that Paso Robles is best known for and typically visit at least one winery that specializes in Bordeaux varietals (ie Cab Sauv) and one that specializes in Rhone varietals (ie GSM, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, etc).

We like to finish our tour in Tin City, which is Paso Robles’ hippest tasting destination and boasts over 20 excellent wineries, a brewery, cider house, distillery and more – so there’s guaranteed to be something everyone will enjoy!

May we pick the wineries?

Yes! We are happy to take you to the wineries of your choice, providing those wineries will grant the appointments, and that the tour itinerary is logistically feasible.

If you are a wine club member at any of the requested wineries, please include this information and the club members’ name, as this can help when making reservations.

If we let Toast Tours choose the wineries, how do you determine which would be best for our group?

  • Smaller, non-touristy locations
  • Excellent wines, moderately priced
  • Warm & friendly service
  • Extra perks & experiences available (cave tours, barrel-tasting, wine-maker available, etc.)
  • We try our best not to visit wineries whose tasting fees exceed $25 per person, though this is not always possible.
  • If your group is looking for something specific (great views, wine style, offerings other than wine on-site, etc), we will take that into consideration when booking wineries.

How long will we spend at each winery?

No set time. Some winery experiences take longer than others.

The average is about an hour at each winery. We’ll spend a little longer at whichever of the wineries we use for our picnic lunch.

If we drive in to meet the tour, won’t we be too tipsy to drive at the end of the day?

Maybe! California has a strict DUI policy. After a day of wine tasting it is likely you will not legally be able to drive.

It takes the average person approximately 1 hour to metabolize one alcoholic beverage.

Even with tasting sizes being smaller than a glass, they add up quickly!

We advise people who drive in for the day to arrange other transportation home, or better yet, to stay at a local inn or B&B.

Check out our recommended Places to Stay.

Where can you pick us up?

We are happy to pick you up from your hotel or accommodation anywhere in San Luis Obispo county, within a 50 mile radius of Paso Robles.

What is included in the optional $18 picnic lunch?

Whatever you order! You can view the picnic lunch options here.

Upon confirming your booking, you may select your lunch options for the day. Be sure to mention if you have any dietary restrictions so we can make certain they are accommodated.

If no lunch options are selected, the default option will be the ‘Vegetarian Wrap’ option.

Any beverages provided?

Yes. Chilled, bottled water is served on the bus and also with the picnic lunch.

May we drink alcohol on the bus?

Yes, if enjoyed responsibly.

However, please keep in mind that tasting rooms can refuse to serve intoxicated guests (even if you do have a driver), and that wouldn’t be a lot of fun!

Additionally, if a guest does become too intoxicated, they may need to be removed from the tour early, at their own expense.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that each tour is successful, with all the guests having a great experience!

If we choose the picnic lunch, may we enjoy wine with the lunch?

Yes. Most wineries will provide the option of purchasing wine by the bottle or glass to enjoy with your meal.

May we eat on the bus?

Yes! Feel free to bring anything else you would like throughout your day.

Will you add any taxes or fuel fees to our tour price?

No taxes and no additional fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

Are wine tasting fees included?

No. You should expect to pay tasting fees at the wineries.

These fees are charged by the wineries, compensating them for the wines they pour for guests, and typically run about $15 – $25 per person, per winery.

Most wineries will waive these fees with wine purchase or wine club signup.

Many tour companies who include tasting fees are limiting themselves to wineries that either already do not charge a tasting fee, or which have very small tasting fees already.

To be sure, many of these wineries are excellent and wonderful stops, however we do not want to be limited to the wineries we can visit and want to be able to provide you with the best day and experience possible.

What are wine tasting fees?

These are fees charged by the winery compensating them for the wine they pour guests.

Wineries are in the business of selling their wine, not tastings – so if you find a wine or winery you like, we strongly encourage you to buy some bottles or join their wine-club!

Not only will you be supporting a local business, but most of the wineries are small, boutique wineries that don’t distribute their wines and only offer them for sale directly through their tasting room. So this is your only chance to bring them home to enjoy later.

Are these fees ever waived?

Yes. Most of the wineries on our tours will waive tasting fees for those guests who purchase their wine or join their wine club. It’s not always the case, so be sure and ask at each winery.

May I share a tasting?

Yes. Almost any of the wineries we visit will allow our guests to share a tasting.

Am I required to taste at all of the wineries?

You are not required to taste at the wineries, and you will not be required to pay tasting fees for wineries at which you do not taste. There are a couple of wineries that are exceptions to this rule, so if this is your intention, be sure to ask your guide.

If I buy wine, can I store it on the vehicle?

Yes! Our vehicle has plenty of safe storage space for holding your wine and other purchases.

I don’t live locally – can I get my wine purchases home safely?

Yes! We sell insulated, styrofoam padded wine shipping boxes that hold a case (12 bottles) of wine and can be safely checked on the airplane as a checked bag.

For individual bottles, we sell padded Wine Skins to safely store your wine bottles in your checked baggage during travel.

*Please check with your airline for specific baggage requirements and restrictions.

Are children allowed on the tour?

Yes! Children of all ages are welcome on the tour though drinking alcohol is not permitted for those under the age of 21.

By California law, any children under the age of 8 years old, as well as any children shorter than 4’9” must be secured in a car seat or booster seat.

Toast Tours DOES NOT provide a car seat or booster seat, and it is your responsibility to provide this yourself.

Children under the age of 8 years old will not be allowed on the vehicle if you do not have a car seat or booster seat.

Please bring a valid photo ID.

Are your tours dog friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome well-behaved dogs, at no extra cost, and are happy to work with you to build your perfect dog-friendly wine country day.

By reserving a private tour with your canine friends, you agree to pay for any and all damage and/or special cleaning to the vehicle which results, or is required, due to you or your pet’s conduct ($350 minimum). You agree that the charges for such repairs (actual repair cost plus loss time of vehicle) and/or any special cleaning ($350.00 minimum) will be charged to the credit card for the individual or booking party.

Is Driver Gratuity included in the Tour Cost?

Gratuity for your Tour Guide is not included on our tours.

Gratuities are based on your guides’ performance and are greatly appreciated. For a good performance, it is standard to give a 15-20% gratuity.

What is your cancellation policy?

For our Welcome back to Wine Country Private Tours, a full refund will be given for cancellations made more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Lost or Stolen Items?

Toast Tours is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on our tour or in the wineries.

Please take care to collect all of your belongings when you leave, including any wine or merchandise purchased throughout the day.

Any items left behind which are found can be returned to the guests at their request and expense.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes. We are registered, regulated, and licensed by the State of California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

The CPUC requires insurance and vehicle inspections as a condition of licensing.

Our license # is TCP38039A.

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